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Round Non-Pressure-Rated Covers

LH1110 round access cover knappco cover, prv valve knappco cover, prv valve

Commonly used as clean-outs, fill openings, inspection doors, access covers for repairs, and sampling ports. No tools are required to open plus most can be locked shut to prevent unauthorized access.

Gaskets are an integral component so as to reduce dust and water contamination. Gasket options include black buna n, epdm, garlock, hi-temp, teflon (or teflon envelope), white neoprene, and viton.

Spec sheets (PDF format) for carbon steel covers (also available in zinc-plated or stainless steel as well as aluminum for some sizes).

Square, Rectangular and Custom Non-Pressure Covers

AH710 Standard Door image

KC Supply can supply square and rectangular hatches or these can be custom fabricated.

One Touch Standard Door (152 KB)
AH710 Standard Door (3241 KB)
AH710 Custom Door (367 KB)

Pressure x Vacuum Relieving Tank Hatches

knappco prv valve
knappco cover, prv valve

Frequently used in baghouses, fermentation tanks, grain elevators, food product processing, and industrial containers, these hatches are designed to relieve pressure and vacuum within equipment (except the LJ is pressure relief only).

LJ 10" x 3 - 5 psi series
HA 8" x 1.5 oz press x 0.5 oz vac Welded Series
HA 8" x 1.5 oz press x 0.5 oz vac Bolt Series
HC 20" series
HH 24" series

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