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Red Rescue Auger

KC Supply’s patent-pending Red Rescue Auger can quickly aid in the removal of grain which has engulfed a victim. The auger can be powered by any drill with 1/2” chuck. Simply insert the auger’s inlet into the grain and direct the discharge away from the victim.

Brochure Download (PDF file)

Red Rescue Auger (1,229 KB)

Product Info

  • Powder-coated Steel
  • Hand Grip
  • Uses power drill with 1/2" chuck
  • Unloads 2.0 bushels per minute
  • Guarded discharge
  • Patent #67/876,632

General Specs

  • 5-ft overall height
  • 5.0" OD Inlet Guard
  • 13" Discharge Width O.A
  • 25 lbs

Optional Items

KC Supply Rescue-Tube Storage Bag

Waterproof Carrying Bag

  • Durable, waterproof
  • Four handles for ease of carrying / lifting
Platforms for standing on grain

18x18 Poly Platforms

  • Durable grids
  • 2 inch deep gripping ribs
  • Provides more stable footing
  • Can be used with any style of rescue tube
KC Supply Rescue Kit with Harness KC Supply Rescue Rope Kit


  • Rescue Kit
  • Bin Entry Kit
  • Harness Available
  • Rope Kit Available