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KC Supply has released the latest design of entrapment rescue devices. The patent-pending "Wall of Rescue" is an evolution of rescue tubes.

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Product Info

KC Supply's rescue wall system, with patent-pending design that utilizes a ball-and-socket joint to allow each section to pivot
KC Supply's rescue wall system, shown expanded
  • Unique, patent-pending design
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Simple installation by inserting ball from one section into the socket of another section
  • One section or unlimited number of sections can be used to form a wall or tube
  • Top-to-bottom mirror image so sections can be inserted any direction (top or bottom first)
  • Flat sections easily insert in grain with very little resistance
  • Add sections to increase size
  • Adjustable for multiple victims or to work around obstacles
  • Unlimited configuration possibilities so no restrictions on the shape or size
    • Round
    • Straight line
    • Curving, wavy line
  • Combine with other same-designed rescue tubes (ex two rescue groups with same Rescue wall) to expand further
  • Anodized aluminum ball-and-socket allows smooth operation (won't bind like plastic)
  • #6061 aluminum sections are less likely to bend from use or pressure
  • Mill finished aluminum

Two Models Available

  • Both are 60" tall
  • Both form a 30" ID circle
  • 22" Wide Section (4-piece tube),
    36 lbs each section
  • 16" Wide Section (6-piece tube),
    25 lbs each section

Optional Items

KC Supply Rescue-Tube Storage Bag

Carrying Bag

  • Durable, waterproof
  • Four handles for ease of carrying / lifting
Platforms for standing on grain

18x18 Poly Platforms

  • Durable grids
  • 2 inch deep gripping ribs
  • Provides more stable footing
  • Can be used with any style of rescue tube

Training Class

KC Supply Rescue-Tube Training classes available


  • Rescue Kit
  • Bin Entry Kit
  • Harness Available
KC Supply Rescue Kit with Harness