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KC Supply’s rugged aluminum grain rescue tube is designed to prevent a trapped worker from becoming another statistic. Each tube’s sections acts as a shield so that the grain (which is pressing against the victim) can be removed. Once the grain level is reduced, the victim can be extricated.

Two Models Available

Four-Section or Six-Section

Brochure Download (PDF)

Rescue Tube (721 KB)

  • Extensively tested design
  • Used by numerous training companies and fire depts.
  • Relatively small storage area needed
  • Approx overall dimensions 28" ID x 37" OD x 60" Tall
  • Opening Requirements
  • SectionsRoundSquare
  • Top-rated design for ease of use
  • Designed for repeated usage as well as frequent training
  • Insert sections without need for extra tools or hammer (which can be lost or cause injury)
  • Use any combination of sections (one, two or all) - helpful if victim is trapped against equipment thus preventing a full enclosure
  • Maintain contact with victim at all times
  • No lifting overhead requiring more room
  • Rigid and not prone to warp
  • Sections not designed to flex or fold over
  • Powder-coated safety yellow
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum with total weight less than 120 lbs

Large V-Groove

Quickly connects sections without lifting overhead.


Two per section

(3) Internal Handles

  • Used by victim as hand holds, and reduces stress
  • Several locations - use as ladder steps to climb out
  • Allows first responders to perform first aid
  • Tie-off points

(3) External Handles

  • Carrying handles
  • Foot peg drives section into grain
  • Stand allows rescuers to provide aid while maintaining contact with victim

Optional Items

KC Supply Rescue-Tube Storage Bag

Carrying Bag

  • Durable, waterproof
  • Four handles for ease of carrying / lifting
Platforms for standing on grain

18x18 Poly Platforms

  • Durable grids
  • 2 inch deep gripping ribs
  • Provides more stable footing
  • Can be used with any style of rescue tube

Training Class

KC Supply Rescue-Tube Training classes available


KC Supply Rescue Kit with Harness
  • Rescue Kit
  • Bin Entry Kit
  • Harness Available

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